PTV License Manager is a tool for activating, updating, and managing your licenses and can be used independently for PTV Vision products. Two different versions of the tool are available:
  • PTV License Manager (Standard): For managing single-user licenses on your computer.
    • Required for product releases 2020 or older.
    • Optional for product releases 2021 or newer (where licenses can also be managed inside the product).
  • PTV License Manager (Server): For managing floating network licenses on license servers, for all software releases.


1. Download and install the desired variant of PTV License Manager as required.


2. During the installation you can select the necessary components to install.

Note: A CodeMeter Runtime is needed to run PTV License Manager, but if a CodeMeter Runtime is already installed, the installer does not recommend installing it again.


3. Choose whether this computer should be used as a CodeMeter license server. This option is only needed if you wish to install floating network licenses on this machine. It is selected by default if you are using PTV License Manager (Server).


4. The installed PTV License Manager can be opened from the Windows start menu.


5. Select the software product and your language. Press Start to launch the program.


6. The License Management window opens, and you can execute the desired license operations. Please see the related articles for details on those.