You can borrow a license from a floating network license to your computer if the floating network license supports borrowing and is prepared for it by the license administrator. A borrowed license enables you to work without a connection to the license server, for example, while you are offline.

Note: To configure a floating network license for borrowing as an administrator, please follow the steps in the article Preparing a network license for borrowing.


To borrow a license, please proceed as follows:

1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the license server. If this is not yet the case, please follow the steps described in Using a license from a license server.

2. On your computer, open the License Management window with the standalone PTV License Manager or, from product version 2021, directly in your PTV Vision product.

3. In the list of licenses, (1) select the "Floating network license (with borrowing)" from which you want to borrow a license to your local computer. Then (2) click the Borrow license button.


4. If the license administrator has made the use of activation keys mandatory for borrowing, the Enter activation key window will open, where the activation key must be entered. Otherwise, please proceed to the next step.

5. If desired, (1) shorten the borrowing period and (2) confirm with OK.


6. Close the License Management window with OK.

7. If you want to automatically use the borrowed license at program start, please proceed as described in Selecting a license for usage.