1. A new license is generally limited until payment has been received. After payment, the time limit will be removed, and we will immediately inform you how to update your license.
  2. The easiest way to activate a license is if the license server has an internet connection - see Option 1 below.
    If the license server has no internet connection, please scroll down to Option 2: Offline (file-based) license activation.


Option 1: Online license activation (recommended)

1. Please make sure the following requirements are met:

  • The license server has an internet connection.
  • You have administrator rights on the server.
  • The tool PTV License Manager (Server) is installed. (The setup of the tool will also install the CodeMeter runtime.)
  • The server is set up as a license server. (You can verify this setting in the WebAdmin view of the CodeMeter control center.)

2. On the license server, start the PTV License Manager (Server).

3. Copy the license key received by e-mail to the clipboard.

  • Note: The license key has 25 digits.
  • Example: 1U2N3-N49LW-IM6EO-6NKWS-Z0QRA

4. In the License Manager, (1) click the Activate new license symbol and (2) enter the license key. Confirm by (3) clicking OK.

5. On the next screen, please (1) select the option On this computer. (If you have a license for USB dongles and multiple USB dongles are plugged into your machine, select a USB stick from the License container list.) Then, (2) proceed with Next.

6. Wait for the activation to complete and click Close.


7. If you are using a floating network license with borrowing, you will need to prepare the license accordingly.

8. Please note: If you are using a license for soft containers and you ever need to format your hard drive, please make sure to return the license first. It cannot be recovered otherwise.


Option 2: Offline (file-based) license activation

If no Internet connection exists, please follow the instructions on file-based license activation in our online help: