As a license administrator, you must configure a floating network license "with borrowing" such that other users may borrow licenses to their local computers. Without this configuration, the license only serves as a standard floating network license. Here is how the configuration is made:

1. On the license server, open the PTV License Manager (Server).

2. Please (1) select the license for which you want to enable borrowing from the list and (2) click the Manage button:

3. Enter your password or create a new password.

4. In the Manage borrowing of license window, you can make the desired changes:


5. If every user of the floating network license should be able to borrow a license to their computer, you may skip this step.

If you want to restrict borrowing to specific users, however, you need to create activation keys. Please (1) check the option at the top first. You may then create activation keys by clicking on (2) New. Send these keys to the authorized persons.


6. Click on OK.