You can use a floating network license from your local network to run PTV Vision products on your computer. For that, you must initially specify the license server in the license administration settings. Here is how:

1. Open the License Management window with the standalone PTV License Manager or, from product version 2021, directly in your PTV Vision product. Please make sure to install the latest service pack before you proceed. 

2. Click on the CodeMeter Settings symbol to open the configuration. If you do not see this symbol, the installed service pack is outdated. In that case, please update the application first.


3. In the following window, you can search for license servers, add them to the list, or remove them again.


4. To add a license server, (1) click the Add license server symbol, (2) enter the name or address of the license server, and (3) confirm with OK.


5. The added license server will now appear in the list: