Note: To update a single-user license, you will require an Internet connection. If you don't have an Internet connection, please scroll down to Option 3: File-based license update.


Option 1: Updating a single-user license via the license update notification

Note: This option is available from PTV Vissim 2021 SP08, PTV Visum 2021 SP01-08, and PTV Vistro 2021 SP 05.

If the symbol An update is available for your license is displayed in the bottom toolbar of your product, you can update your current license directly:

1. Click the notification or the symbol An update is available for your license in the bottom right corner of the window.


2. Click Update license.


3. Wait for the update to complete and click the Close button.


Option 2: Updating a single-user license via the License Management

1. Open the License Management window with the PTV License Manager or, from product version 2021, directly in your PTV Vision product.

2. Please (1) select the license you want to update from the list and (2) click the Update license symbol.


3. Wait until the update process is finished and close the window. You will have to restart the PTV Vision product for the license changes to take effect.



Option 3: File-based license update

If no Internet connection exists, please follow the instructions on file-based license activation in our online help:



Note: If the update does not work, please contact PTV Support via: