You return (or: "deactivate") a floating network license if

  • you want to move it to another license server (step 1: deactivate it as described on this page - step 2: activate it again as explained here), or
  • you are asked to return the license to PTV because you will get a different license in exchange.


To deactivate a floating network license on a license server, please make sure the server is connected to the Internet, and then proceed as follows:

1. Open the License Management window with the standalone PTV License Manager.

2. Make sure that from the floating network license to be deactivated, users are no longer borrowing licenses to their local computers. This is the case if the tooltip on the number of users says "Borrowing not possible" or "0 licenses borrowed". Then, (1) select the license to be deactivated from the list, and (2) click the Deactivate selected license symbol. Confirm the security prompt with Yes.


3. Wait for the deactivation to complete and click Close.