The data export from PTV Visum to PTV Visum Publisher should work without errors popping up.

When trying to export data from PTV Visum to PTV Visum Publisher (File > Export > PTV Visum Publisher), selecting data, selecting target scenario, and clicking export an error appears.

Error messages:

"The configuration for Visum Publisher could not be found. Make sure that your Internet connection is working." - "Die Konfiguration für Visum Publisher konnte nicht gefunden werden. Stellen sie sicher, dass die Internetverbindung funktioniert"

"Error while accessing Visum Publisher" - "Fehler beim Zugriff auf Visum Publisher"

Most times the error is caused by firewall or proxy-server settings of your environment. They can prevent PTV Visum to connect to relevant URLs and thus to Visum Publisher.

PTV Visum is able to detect Windows proxy settings starting with SP 21.01-13 and 22.01-11. In case the error appeared in an older version, update to one of the servicepacks.

If the error still appears, make sure that access and requests to the following hosts is granted via HTTPS:

In case exceptions are set per software/application (e.g. in firewall), it is important to know that there are also requests to the https URLs by a background tool (DataTransferTool.exe). Visum installs this tool per default to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\PTV Vision\DataTransferTool.

In case the error is still appearing, it is recommended to ask the user's IT to check the protocol file or log file created from Visum or the Data Transfer Tool to gain more insights which requests are still blocked.

The Visum-protocol "Protocol.txt" can be found under %APPDATA%\PTV Vision\PTV Visum 20XX\Log.
The DataTransferTool log file can be found under %LOCALAPPDATA%\PTV Vision\DataTransferTool\Log. It is partitioned by day.


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