The licensing software CodeMeter or the License Management returns an error message that I don't understand. What can I do?


1) Read in the FAQs in the section 'Licensing' whether the error message is explained here:

2) Send us a support request:

To analyze the cause for this error message we need a CmDust report (of client and server), and a context file:

- CmDust report:
Start -> Programs -> Codemeter -> Tools -> CmDust.
This tool creates a file called CmDust-Result.log (the containing folder is opened automatically).

- Context file:
Taskbar -> System tray -> CodeMeter Control center -> License -> License Update -> Next -> Option 'Create license request' -> Next -> Option 'Extend existing license' -> Next -> Commit

Tip: Pack all files in a ZIP file and attach this to the support form.

Please refer to the following document for further instructions:

- Chap. 7.1 (Direct Support -> 4) creating a CmDust report
- Chap. 6.1 Creating a context file