PTV Vissim or PTV Visum does not start. Instead an error message is shown:

- "Requested license, number .., was temporary and has expired. (Error code 35). Please contact your distributor regarding the extension of your license."

- "The expiration date of the requested license number .. has passed. (Error code 35).
Please contact your distributor for a renewal of your license."

- "The program cannot be started.
Expected customer number: 900111111.
Error@AllocateHandle: The Expiration Time is overrun - the en-/decryption cannot be operated, Error 35."

The error message might state also following entries:
"Error@AllocateHandle: CmContainer-Entry not found, Error 200."
"Error@AllocateNetworkHandle: CodeMeter RunTime Server not found, Error 101."

"Error 35: Dongle is limited in time"
"Error 200: License is limited in time or license No. cannot been found"

This is a single workplace license and not a network license.


Licenses can have an expiration date. Beyond that date the license needs to be renewed.


For PTV Visum 15/PTV Vissim 8 and newer:
In case the current License key has been used already, please create a support request:

Until PTV Visum 14/PTV Vissim 7:
During the installation, a time-limited license file has probably been chosen. The limit date can be found in the file name, for example:

Please check the download site for a current unlimited license file:

For example for Visum14 64 bit:

Please use these tools to exchange a license, available at the same site:
- LicenseUpdater_win32.exe for a 32 bit installation.
- LicenseUpdater_x64.exe for a 64 bit installation.

If the CmDust report contains the error message "API Error 35 (EXPIRATION TIME OVERRUN) occurred!", please check the download site for a CodeMeterUpdate file:
Unpack the zip file and double-click the contained *.WibuCmRaU file, while the CodeMeter dongle is plugged into the computer.

If an expected unlimited license file (and in case a CodeMeterUpdate file) is not available, please contact: