Sometimes it might be possible that you have to mention an error in the data:
  • a geocoding didn´t find the required address
  • a geocoding returns wrong coordinates for a proper address
  • a street is missing 
  • a street´s attributes are wrong, e.g. truck attribute is missing (usually reported by the drivers themself)
  • a POI wasn´t found

If you encounter some malicious data and even adapting the business logic can´t help, you are supposed to forward the  missing data issue vie Helpdesk Portal to the support team who will take care for the internal forwarding process to the data departement. 


Please always provide the detailed description of the issue, the xServer version and the map data used. After reproducing through our internal data team it will be reported to the data provider so as HERE or TomTom.

It might take a while until the data error is fixed as we do need the fixing from the data provider. Please note: It might be the next upcoming map update or even later.

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