In order to send messages to a driver you can navigate to the “Chat” page, or click the chat symbol on the top bar of the portal. In both cases, you will interact with your contact.
Here, you can search for a user using the searchbar, and chat with him by just clicking on his name.

In case you must send messages concerning a certain delivery, you must first go to the delivery window of the delivery assigned to the driver.
You can access it by the page “Delivery Tracker”, and selecting the “Deliveries view” you can see all the deliveries according to the top filters. When you find the delivery you’re looking for, you have just to click on the three vertical points on the left and then select “View details”. The popping up window is the delivery window.
A much faster way is to search the delivery using the searchbar on the top right of the portal. There, you have to insert the trip number and by choosing the proper option from the result you’ll get the delivery window.
Here, you click on the chat tab and you can create a new delivery conversation or get the list of delivery conversations.

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