First, the fact that the import procedure is an asynchronous process must be considered. Indeed, the import process could last up to 60 seconds while in background it is carrying out the operations of generating the mission, performing potential geocoding and completing all the tasks for normalizing the data.
You should navigate to “Logs & Monitor” -> “Api Error Log” in order to check if there was any error in calling the web APIs, an authentication error or an error in validating the object sent to the Axylog platform.
If there are no API errors, navigate to “Logs & Monitor” -> “Import export data log” where you can inspect the data received (sent) via the import (export) services. Please verify that the log of the data acquisition process exists: if so, it means that data were transferred otherwise it is necessary to verify that PTV Route Optimiser is working with the correct configuration.
If the log of the import process shows correct data, the next step is verifying there was no issue in the data elaboration phase by navigating to “Logs & Monitor” -> “Import export processing log”. In this page you could see if your import had errors like:

  • Mandatory data are missing
  • The warehouse is not codified

If there are no elaboration errors, then the orders were acquired by the Axylog system.
The orders could not be visible if they do not belong to the currently selected temporal window: please try searching your trips by enlarging the time window in the date range filter.

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