You need more or less details in your PTV xServer logs? This article will help you to configure the log-level that fits your needs.
Changing the detail is especially crutial on a production environment as you will not want huge log files containing a lot of unnecessary information.
Please follow the instructions below to understand the different log-levels and how to change them and where you can find additional information on this topic.
The PTV xServer uses the log4j2-Framework for logging purposes.
Configure the following log levels:
  DEBUG - this parameters gives the most information an should be use only for diagnostics
  INFO  - good for evaluation and integration purposes
  WARN  - gives information on missing settings and missing parameters
  ERROR - should be the default in production environments
Change these parameters in the conf/ of you xServer 1 installation.
For xServer 2 please set the parameter accordingly in the conf/wrapper.conf.
# Log Level for console output. 
To get more details on different parameters of the logging or to change the format of the logging or naming of your logfiles please have a look at the xServer manual:


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