The map service "HERE", "Bing Maps [aerophoto]" or "OpenStreetMap (Mapnik)" is set as background map but is not shown.

In PTV Visum: Edit graphic parameters -> Background map -> Map service.
The preview returns only the warning:
"Unable to call background map with the current settings.
Background map could not be called by server of the map service used.
Check the parameters of the used map service and your internet connection. The server of the used map service might be temporarily unavailable."

Inserting static Internet maps (Insert mode -> Backgrounds -> Network editor -> (left mouse button) -> Internet maps) from Bing Maps or Open Street Map fails with:
- "Tile 1 could not be created, because one or more partial tiles could not be retrieved from the server of the map service."
- "Could not create tile 1. Error code: -1011"


The display of the background map or inserting (static) Internet maps from BING or OSM is probably prevented by the proxyserver.


For current releases of PTV Visum and PTV Vissim:
Usually Visum/Vissim users cannot change the proxy server, therefore the following text might be relevant for your network administrator.

PTV Visum and PTV Vissim deliberately keep no (encrypted) authentication data, but use the operating system settings under:
Control panel -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN settings

A) In case a proxy server or firewall limits the internet access:
- The download of PNG and XML files should be allowed.
- Exclude the following URLs from being blocked:


For OSM (until PTV Visum 20):

For Bing:

B) Usually settings for the operating system (commonly used by Internet Explorer) rule the abilities to access the internet through a proxyserver. These can be found following:
Control panel -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN settings

Either set the proxyserver address and port, or depending on the network policy set the options
"Automatically detect configuration settings"
"Use automatic configuration script"
with an address to a file called like


Only for PTV Visum 18 and older:
You can analyse this by creating a file, which will be saved temporarily to the project directory for backgrounds:
File -> Project directories -> Edit project directories -> Type "Background"
i.e.: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\InternetMaps\Request.log

To create this file try to load a static background from a map service which was not reached for the background map:
Network editor -> Insert mode -> Network -> Backgrounds -> (Left-click in the Network editor) -> In the dialog ''Create background'' choose the option "Internet maps", and as "Map service", choose the map service which was not reached. Click "Preview" and - as long as the error message is shown - you will find the log file Request.log in the project directory for backgrounds.
This file can explain why the tile server could not be reached: