How can I create a Hotline Package?


Note: Applies to PTV Vissim 11.00-06 and earlier versions. Instructions are provided for PTV Vissim 11 but also apply for earlier versions.

1) Start command prompt (Start > Run, enter cmd > Enter).
2) Move to the Exe directory of the PTV Vissim 11 installation (e.g. cd C:\Program Files\PTV Vision\PTV Vissim 11\Exe).
3) Enter the following command: vissim110 -o -flush
4) Reproduce the error and leave PTV Vissim open.
5) Open the directory EXE\ of your PTV Vissim installation.
6) Start VDiagGUI.EXE by double clicking on the file name.
7) Choose the tab 'Hotline Package'.
8) Ensure that all diagnostics files are selected.
9) Press the button 'Create'.