When exporting or copying to Excel (by file or clipboard, of lists or matrices) number formats or number values are sometimes changed. Why?


This might be related to the setting for the decimal symbol as point or comma, which needs to be equal for both Visum and Excel:
- Excel can use the corresponding Windows setting: Control panel -> Regional and Language -> Format -> Additional settings/Customize -> "Decimal symbol" and "Digit grouping symbol".
- Excel 2010 can override this option: Excel Options -> Advanced -> Use system separators -> "Decimal separator" and "Thousands separator".

In Visum this is a program setting in dialog under
- Visum10/11/12:
Extras -> Options -> Formats -> Decimal separator
- Since Visum13:
Edit -> User preferences -> Formats
Edit -> User preferences -> GUI -> Lists
Edit -> User preferences -> GUI -> Matrix editor