What is the difference between a Release version and a Service pack, and where can I download them?


- Release versions are independent program versions which can be updated with service packs.
Service packs include new features and bugfixes. They can only be used to update the corresponding release version, which means that e.g. PTV Visum service pack 22.01-07 requires a base installation of PTV Visum 22. The updates are cumulative, meaning that the latest service pack includes all earlier ones.

Setups and Service packs are available at:

Product Installation setup Service pack
PTV Visum;product=PTV%20Visum
PTV Vissim;product=PTV%20Vissim
PTV Vistro;product=PTV%20Vistro

Release versions until 2014 (PTV Visum 14, PTV Vissim 7 and older) are located at: